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a few interesting video’s Ludicrous -Diversion , distracting people from the real problem

February 16, 2009


John Dewey, schools, Democracy and Education, Socialism

February 16, 2009

Daniel Coit Gilman, with whom we are most concerned. Gilman trained John Dewey in collectivist theories of education at Johns Hopkins University. Dewey went on to head the University of Chicago School of Education, and later Teachers College at Columbia University, two of the leading Fabian Socialist schools in the world. Gilman, through his protege, Dewey, has dominated American education throughout the twentieth century. Gilman also trained Richard Ely at the Johns Hopkins dept. of economics. Ely later taught Woodrow Wilson, whom he describes as “unusual, brilliant”. Thus Gilman’s influence extended through Ely to Woodrow Wilson, who gave us the Federal Reserve System, the income tax, and the First World War.

Although American, the three founders of this order were educated at the University of Berlin, where they were indoctrinated in the Hegelian philosophy of determinism. This philosophy of education and government teaches that everyone can be controlled and must be controlled in order to achieve predetermined goals. It is the philosophy of Oriental despotism transferred to Europe and adapted to the greater individuality of the European peoples, from whom most Americans are descended. As founder Frederick T. Gates wrote in the General Education Board Occasional Paper No. 1: “In our dreams we have limitless resources and the people yield themselves with perfect docility to our moulding hands. The present educational conventions fade from our minds, and, unhampered by tradition, we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive rural folk.”

The members of the World Order regard everyone as a peasant; they have only contempt for those who are too naive to see that they are being robbed, tricked and enslaved.

Other original directors of General Education Board included Morris K. Jesup, a banker who had been treasurer of the Peabody and Slater Funds. He was a director of Western Union, a Kuhn Loeb controlled company, Metropolitan Trust, and Atlantic Mutual Insurance; Robert C. Ogden of John Wanamker Co., who served as president of Southern Educational Board, Tuskegee Institute, Union Theological Seminary, and Hampton Institute; Walter Hines Page, who as Ambassador to Britain helped involve us in World War I; Sir Roderick Jones, chief of Reuters News Agency at its historic address, 24 Old Jewry, London, relates a bit of history in his autobiography, “A Life in Reuters,” a luncheon given by him for Gen. Smuts, Sir Starr Jameson, and Dr. Walter Hines Page (all three of whom had Rothschild connections).

“We dined in a private room at the Windham Club, the one in which twenty years later the terms of the abdication of King Edward VII were settled. We drifted on to the question of the U.S. entering the war, for which Britain and France so patiently waited. Dr. Page then revealed to us, under seal of secrecy, that he had received from the President that afternoon, a personal communication upon the strength of which he could affirm that, at last, the die was cast. Consequently, it was not without emotion that he found himself able to assure us that the U.S. would be at war with the Central Powers inside a week from that date. The Ambassador’s assurance was correct to the day. We dined on Friday, March 30. On April 2 President Wilson asked Congress to declare a State of War with Germany. On April 6, the U.S. was at war.”
Can anyone fail to make a connection between the director of a “charity” designed to control the education of every citizen of the U.S., and its director who conspired to involve us in a world war?

Another incorporator of General Education Board was George Foster Peabody, a member of the family which had set up the Peabody Fund. He married Katrina Trask, relict of Spencer Trask, a wealthy stockbroker who specialized in railroad issues. Their estate, Yaddo, a magnificent upstate mansion, was left as a foundation to provide writers and artists a place to work. The grantees, one need not add, have been unanimously and relentlessly “liberal” in their philosophy and work, although they have regrettably failed to produce any significant contributions to American art or literature. Spencer Trask had been killed when someone shunted a freight train onto the line carrying his sumptuous private car. George Foster Peabody promptly moved into Yaddo with Katrina, and lived ten years with her before marrying her in 1921. She died shortly thereafter, and Peabody “adopted” a lissome young divorcee, Marjorie White, when he was informed the church would not allow him to marry her. He then appointed her sister, Elizabeth Ames, director of Yaddo, where she remained as virtual dictator for many years. The music room at Yaddo displays a large bronze plaque which reads, “George Foster Peabody, Lover of Men”. Peabody was appointed the first director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in 1914, serving during the crucial years of World War I, until 1921. He was an enthusiastic supporter of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, and later became a director of FDR’s Warm Springs Foundation, and the Hampton Institute. Louise Ware writes in her biography of Peabody, “He (Peabody) added that the national crisis (World War I), when every man was needed, should insure the Negro opportunity.” Peabody was chairman of Combustion Engineering Corp., president of Broadway Realtors, director of Mexican Lead Co., Mexican Coal & Coke, Mexican National Railways, Tezuitlan Copper Refining and Smelting, and served as treasurer of the Democratic National Party. Despite his “capitalist” background, Peabody was always an avowed Socialist. Ware notes that he wrote to Norman Thomas, “I have always been most sympathetic to individual Socialist aspirations. I have particularly observed the Fabian System of England with hopeful anticipations.”

This admirer of Fabian Socialism is the man who helped install the General Education Board as the guiding force behind all educational developments in the U.S. since 1910.

The Springfield Republican noted, Oct. 1866,

“For all who know anything of the subject know very well that Peabody and his partners in London gave us no faith and no help in our struggle for national existence. They participated

Norman Dodd, Reece Committee attempt to investigate tax exempt foundations, the big ones, the ones with the money

February 16, 2009

Chapter 7:  the foundations

The World Order controls the citizens of the United States through the tax exempt foundations.  These foundations create and implement government policy through their staff members in key positions in the executive, legislative and judiciary departments.  The foundations create educational policy through their staff members in key positions at every level of the educational system.  The foundations control religious doctrine through their staff members in key positions in the leading religious denominations.

“Foundation” is a misleading term; Webster calls it an endowment, but a foundation is really a trust, which Roget states is a “syndicate”.  If, instead of Rockefeller Foundation, we were to say Rockefeller Syndicate, we would be much closer to the truth.  Alpheus T. Mason, in his biography of justice Brandeis, quotes Brandeis as pointing out that “Socialism has been developed largely by the power of individual trusts.”  What we have then, are criminal syndicates masquerading as philanthropic enterprises while they inflict Socialist world slavery on nations and peoples for the benefit of the World Order.

Norman Dodd, director of research for the Reece Committee in its attempt to investigate tax exempt foundations, was asked by Congressman B. Carroll Reece in January, 1954, “Do you accept the premise that the United States is the victim of a conspiracy ?”  “Yes,” said Dodd.  “Then,” said Congressman Reece, “you must conduct the investigation on that basis.”  B.E. Hutchinson, chairman of Chrysler Corp., although approving the goals of the investigation, warned Dodd, “If you proceed as you have outlined, you will be killed.”

Dodd stated, “The foundation world is a coordinated, well-directed system, the purpose of which is to ensure that the wealth of our country shall be used to divorce it from the ideas which brought it into being.  The foundations are the biggest single influence in collectivism.”

The 1975 Report of the Rockefeller Foundation showed a $100,000 grant to the Institute for World Order, operated by Prof. Saul Mendlovitz, who states in the Institute publication Transition, Oct. 1974,

“I am arguing for a new governance or alternative institutions to those now responsible for global concert;  people will be demanding a central guidance system;  it means a governance is about to come into being in which the policy elites in various nation states who have the authority and capacity to make decisions – will no longer have that as their prerogative.  There will be a governance that will say – you can’t build an army anymore.  You must give a certain amount of your economic income to other areas of the world.”

In short, a World Order – no national armies;  no private incomes;  no individual freedom.  Ironically, all this is being financed by those who created wealth by the exercise of individual freedom in the United States.

Mendlovitz does not use the word “government”, which might imply a government by the consent of the people, as in the United States.  He uses “governance”, the imperial form, meaning a dictatorial decree.  Every act of the foundation-syndicates, and of their masters in the World Order, is intended to implement a ruthless type of Oriental despotism.  As is traditional in this type of despotism, the most efficient palace servants are eunuchs.  Eunuchs work for little or no pay, because they do not have the expense of rearing families.  In the foundation world, we find the eunuch as the predominant type of official.  The eunuchs move in and out of the foundations into prominent posts in government, education and religion.  Although they may marry and have children, pyschologically they remain eunuchs, those who have forsworn their manhood to become palace servants of the World Order.  Columnist Jeffrey Hart recently commented on this type, referring to Mondale’s selection of Geraldine Ferraro as his vice presidential nominee, “Mondale should have chosen a man, in order to balance the ticket.”